Sound Expeditions. India, Chennai. Recording a fascinating fusion of Indian and South American music in a studio in Chennai, Southern India.
Sound Expeditions. India, Mumbai. Recording a group of musicians performing traditional songs at Studio Skull in Mumbai.
Sound Expeditions. Nepal, Kathmandu. Recording a fusion of Himalayan and Australian musical instruments in the studios of Music Nepal in Kathmandu.

24 Hour Album Project

The 24 Hour Album Project rejects the notion that recording an album should be costly and time consuming. It is responsible for a handful of CDs that are benefitting musicians throughout Asia and the Himalaya.


The sound expedition group is given the challenge of creating an album for an ensemble of local musicians within a 24 hour time frame - including recording, mixing, editing, mastering and artwork. The CD master, artwork master and funds to cover the cost of 200 to 500 CDs are then handed to the musician(s). Sound expedition participants are credited on the album artwork for their relevant contributions, and each participant receives a copy of the released album to add to his/her CV.


The sound file below is from a 24 Hour Album Project in Kathmandu, Nepal. The album features a fusion of Himalayan and Australian instruments (see bottom right pic), performed live and recorded direct-to-stereo with a Schoeps MS pair and Nagra V hard disk recorder. Enjoy!

24 Hour Album Project sample - Recorded by Greg Simmons
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