Looking for something new and exciting?

Have a sense of adventure?

Interested in the music of other cultures?

 Join Greg Simmons on a once-in-a-lifetime sound expedition to record the music and sounds of another culture!

Since 2004 Greg has taken over 100 people on his sound recording expeditions through India, NepalTibet, BorneoBurma, Thailand, Indonesia (Bali) and beyond. He is an expert at leading groups of sound engineers, audio students, musicians and adventurers through these fascinating cultures and terrains, and has acquired specialised skills and techniques for recording the many types of music found there.


“My sound expeditions combine a passion for music and recording with a sense of adventure and a desire for escapism. They’re challenging enough to be highly rewarding, but they’re not too difficult”, says Greg. “They’re also highly educational, not only from a recording point of view but from a ‘life’ point of view: rather than taking snapshots through the window of a tourist bus, you’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders with some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet... and recording them!”

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A Nepali musician playing the harmonium on the street during a festival. Pic by Greg Simmons