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Expedition Leader

Greg Simmons is a writer, educator, traveller and sound recordist with 40 years of recording experience encompassing everything from heavy metal bands to string quartets, snake charmers to Tibetan monks, and children’s stories to talking dolls. He has also had extensive live sound mixing experience including rock, pop, jazz, world music, orchestral music, theatre, dance and performance art.


Greg is one of Australia’s leading audio educators, with 33 years of regular teaching experience. He gave his first lectures in 1985 and has since taught hundreds of students the finer points of sound engineering in an effort to pass on his enthusiasm for high quality sound in every situation. He has also been actively involved in editing and publishing magazines for the Australian audio industry since 1987. As creator and Founding Editor of the prestigious Australian magazine AudioTechnology, he regularly contributes interviews, tutorials and reviews.


Greg enjoys combining his writing, educating and recording skills with his passion for travelling, and spends his spare time recording the music and sounds of Asia and the Himalaya. He holds a Grand Master in Dad Jokes, and is particularly fond of writing about himself in the third person.

Sound Expeditions | Travel Nepal | Chitwan, Nepal

Greg Simmons returning to the jeep after making jungle and river atmos recordings in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Rode NT55s with omni capsules on Schneider disc into Nagra V location recorder. Picture by George Makras.